Finding the Right Teacher

"How do I decide on the best teacher for our family?"

This is a very important and complex question. Getting this right long-term takes nuance and great communication between teachers, students and parents. Some student-teacher relationships are amazing for a few months or years, then things plateau and become painfully stagnant. Some teachers work so hard at making sure students "have fun" that students get bored because they haven't been challenged. Some teachers push so hard that students shut down because they aren't free to find their own reasons for playing music, let alone their own artistic voice. We are always assessing each child at CMA to make sure their teacher is right for them. We don't like to get over-reactionary and cut the cord before it's time. But we also like to use the diversity in talents within our staff and even in the community of Seattle to help students stay inspired and motivated. Set up a free consultation to discuss your child and we'll match them with a teacher for a free trial lesson to make sure it's the best fit.

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