Pricing & Policies

CMA’s policies are subject to change, but the basic premises will stay consistent. Our official policies are always accessible on our website when you log in to your account.

Getting Started

Once your trial lesson is complete and you decide to enroll in regular lessons, you'll choose your lesson time, pay the tuition for the first month and then start lessons. Lessons meet once a week at the duration of your choice. The lessons will always be at the same time each week.

Lesson Duration

We offer 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute lessons. We can help you choose the best duration for you after the trial lesson. It doesn't make much sense to take a 15-minute lesson to work on a Rachmaninoff Concerto. As it doesn't make much sense for a beginning 4-year-old to take a 60-minute weekly lesson.

Cancellations, Sick Days, and Vacations

We need 48-hour notice to cancel or change a lesson time. Our teachers put a lot of time into planning for each lesson and it's not cool when the lessons get cancelled at the last minute. If you know you're going to have a conflict, we have a rescheduling page where you can choose from a menu of available lesson times and move your lesson time. The rescheduled lessons need to be the same week of the missed lesson. Weekly consistency is the key to successful lessons.

If you're ever sick or go on vacation, you're not going to lose out. We've built in 8 annual sick or vacation days into the tuition.

In addition to these 8 weeks, we are closed for 5 weeks of the year. So there are always breaks Labor Day week, Thanksgiving week, the two weeks around Christmas and New Years and the Fourth of July week.


From time to time there will be materials that we ask you to purchase for your lessons. Since each student is different, we'll suggest these materials as the lessons unfold. But we ask that you order them as quickly as possible so the lessons can progress without pause.


The tuition is a recurring monthly charge that can be stopped at any time. We just need 7 days notice via email before the next charge to stop the tuition payments. The cost of tuition ranges from $85 to $330 per month. After your trial lesson we'll suggest a weekly duration and go over the specific pricing for that recommendation.

These are the basics when it comes to our policies. We're always happy to answer any further questions about this. Just shoot us an email at