CMA Alumni

CMA Alumni Interview – Aldon Baker

Aldon was a guitar student of Zach Stewart while at CMA. He's now in Los Angeles pursuing a career in film, TV and video game scoring.

Here is a conversation we had with him a while back...

When did you graduate from Berklee?  How is post-college life going so far?
I graduated May 2013 Magna Cum Laude at Berklee College of... Read more...

CMA Alumni Interview – Charlie Philips

What year and program are you in at the UW?  How is it going so far?
I am currently a sophomore majoring in atmospheric sciences. So far, college is challenging but fun. I'm still getting through my pre-requisites for the actual atmospheric sciences classes that I will start taking next year, and I am so excited to finally be done... Read more...

CMA Student Interview – Danae Greenfield

What high school are you attending? 
Newport High School.

How do you feel about graduating? 
I am extremely excited to graduate. It has been really challenging over the past few years balancing my full academic course load, including APs and two music classes (orchestra and jazz band) along with my... Read more...

CMA Student Interview – Santosh Sharma

What school are you currently attending?
I go to Roosevelt High School. I am a freshman.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to go to a music college and get a degree in jazz performance. Or, if I am good enough, move straight to New York after high school and play professionally.

How long...